About Us

Company History
Specialized Mouldings is a family owned business established in 1988. Our Company was born out of a desire to meet an industry need for locally manufactured specialised moulded rubber product. At that time local rubber product manufactures were, and the majority still are, only producing general purpose rubber product. The only alternative for a customer seeking a specialised moulded rubber product at the time was to import it at greatly inflated prices coupled with poor delivery times. The production of specialised moulded rubber product is still a niche market in this country that has allowed our company to grow from strength to strength.

Company Structure                
Gary Glasson               Managing Director
Wayne Glasson            Financial Director
Harold Chaane             Operations Director
Roy Glasson                Director
Earnest Mthembo        Senior Press Operator
Leah Marite                 Senior Trimmer          

Employee Qualifications & Achievements        
Gary Glasson -                                         Licentiate - Plastics and Rubber Industry
                                                            National Diploma - Rubber Technology
                                                            Diploma – Plastics and Rubber Technology
                                                            Rubber Workshop Practice          
Harold Chaane -                    Diploma - Plastics and Rubber Industry
                                                            Quality Management 1
                                                            Quality Management 2
                                                            Quality Management 3
                                                            DQS Auditors Course
                                                            Bitec - Quality Course
                                                            Rubber Workshop Practice
Wayne Glasson -                    Pastel Accounting
                                                            Pastel Payroll
                                                            Book Keeping
                                                            Certified Book Keeping Certificate
Roy Glasson -                        Wits Business School – Small Company Management
                                                            DQS Auditors Course
                                                            Rubber Workshop Practice      
Earnest Mthembo -                Rubber Workshop Practice
Sam Ramulumisi -                   Rubber Workshop Practice

Our Company appointed MARISIMO in order to assist us in meeting the requirements of the BBBEE
Charter. Our status was determined by MARISIMO. We are at present a Level 2 contributor. Our BBBEE
verification certificate is available here.

Specialized Mouldings currently employs approximately 28 people of which:
-          3 are white males – company directors;
-          1 black male – company director; 
-          1 black male and 1 black female occupy middle management positions;
-          7 black females on the production floor;
-          16 black males on the production floor.